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RTEMS - Real Time Operating System

The Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems or RTEMS is a open source fully featured Real Time Operating System or RTOS that supports a variety of open standard application programming interfaces (API) and interface standards such as POSIX and BSD sockets.


RTEMS Rehosting Status

The RTEMS Project services have been relocated from OAR Corporation to the Oregon State University Open Source Lab as part of an on going improvement and investment in The RTEMS Project. We thank you for your patience as this complex task was undertaken by volunteers around the world. The whole process started a few years after the tornado hit Huntsville and all power was from lost from the OAR Corporation's offices for a week. We hope we are happy settled for the next 25 years. A huge thanks to OAR Corporation and Mark and Joel for their past and future support of RTEMS. A special thank you to Amar for the huge amount of work he did moving us and all stuff we had accumulated in the last 20 years. It is not until you move do see how much "stuff" you have. RTEMS is now hosted on new rack based hardware at OSU OSL purchased using donations from the Google Open Source Program Office for participation over the years in the Google Summer of Code and the Google Code-In. OSU OSL site means our servers are almost directly connected to a Internet 2 backbone. The system has been designed from the start to provide a robust server infrastructure for RTEMS users and developers providing standard web services, wiki, bug reports, git repositories. We also now have the capabilities to add patch management and continuous integration. The move took time ...lots of time... in fact much long than we thought. It required many hours of work and we have plenty to still go as we work through the long-term process and infrastructure improvement plans. The previous single machine provided all the services and this has been broken into a number of independent services improving the stability and security. With this change came a review and audit of all the pages in the web site, wiki and ftp area. We took the extra time to better arrange the information we have and provide a better organisation to help us move to a more automatic build and test framework. To some extent we were forced into the review because the URLs to the various services had been split up into functional groups rather than the one single top level. We hope this structure will provide a better and cleaner platform as we move forward. If you want to give us a hand please contact us. There is plenty to do and with more people these tasks include this migration can happen sooner and faster.


  • A single host machine hosting multiple services was split into multiple jail instances running single services. This has been a large contributor to the transition as interactions and URLs that "just worked" on a single machine needed tweaking to work across multiple logical hosts.
  • The RTEMS Wiki (hosted in Mediawiki) and the Bugzilla instance have been combined into a single Trac installation. Trac can also integrate with git and thus provides reporting and release automation assistance we never had before.
    • Note: devel.rtems.org is expected to be live late on 19 Nov or 20 Nov.
    • Bugzilla account info has been carried over to Trac. Instead of user@example.com you need to reset your password with the login being the 'user' portion of your email address.
    • Anyone can edit the wiki now if they sign up (no change). Please ask if you are unsure of where things should go.
    • Wiki should now be the home for developer content only. User documentation will now move to user documentation.
    • /TBR/ wiki pages will be moved in the future to various destinations out side the wiki.
    • Trac's Ticket (Bug) database needs a MAJOR cleanup
    • Trac Tickets can be associated with a release and used to track progress to a release e.g. http://devel.rtems.org/roadmap and http://devel.rtems.org/milestone/4.11
  • docs.rtems.org is the new home for documentation.
  • dispatch.rtems.org is the new host to access git write through.
  • The Moodle installation has been decommissioned. Don't worry, we will find a new home for the content.
  • New user manual will be out as soon as we're done!

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Stable: 5.0.0
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Branch: 4.9.6
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Branch: 5.0.0
Branch: 4.12.0

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